Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers

Victor Hugo Dinamarca

"El Chango"
En castellano

Víctor Hugo Dinamarca

A former officer of the Federal Penitenciary Service, Dinamarca formed part of the Task Force No.2 and worked as a torturer at the El Vesubio concentration camp, and was a link with the torturers in ESMA.

He was also linked to Yabrán, the dead mafioso, and is a partner on a security agency also associated with Yabran, Bridees S.A. A recent bill that would prohibit torturers from working on security agencies in the Buenos Aires province, prompted Dinamarca to file a habeas data petition against the Sub-Secretariat of Human Rights (who keeps all the documents from the truth commission), asking that one of the testimonies made against him be changed or eliminated.

He lives in Benedetti 66 1oA (altura Rivadavia 8500) Buenos Aires, Argentina. TF 636-3421. See map

Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers

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