Gallery of Argentine Torturers & Killers

Luis Abelardo Patti
Police - Buenos Aires Province

Luis Abelardo Patti, the current mayor of the city of Escobar and candidate to the governorship of the province of Buenos Aires, was involved in the repression in Argentina. During the dictatorship he was a police officer, and latter became a sheriff.

In 1973 he was accused of shooting to death three teenagers whom he believed had assaulted and raped a woman. At the head of his squad he surprised the teenagers playing foosball in a café and shot them then and there. It was later shown that the victims had nothing to do with the crimes in question. The only paper which reported on their murder was the local daily "El Actual". A day after the coup d'etat in Argentina, March 25 the director of the daily, Tilo Wenner, was "disappeared".

By 1975, Patti was working in the "Otero" police office in Victoria, where a secret concentration camp was located.

In 1976 Patti was charged with torturing Julio Di Battista. He is also mentioned as a torturer in CONADEP testimony 2530

During the first years of the military dicatorship, Patti worked in the districts of Tigre and San Martin. He was one of the favorite officers of police-chief Ramon Camps, the man responsible for thousands of disappearances in Buenos Aires. Patti's file includes numerous commendations from Camps.

The former president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo recognized Patti as one of the men who broke into her home and stole her possessions days after her daughter-in-law and her grand-daughter were disappeared.

Patti was also responsible for several shootings. In May 1983, the Police informed that Patti and other policemen had killed Osvaldo Agustín Cambiasso y Eduardo Pereyra in a "shoot-out". Later evidence, however, showed that Camibasso and Pereyra Rossi had been kidnaped by the Army days prior.

Patti's conduct did not change after democracy was installed. In 1990 he was charged with torturing two men suspected of robbery.

Luis Patti


Luis Patti

Gallery of Argentine Torturers and Killers

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