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Chris Anna Olson Latta

Chris Anna Olson Latta

Murdered on October 19th, 1976

Chris had been born in Berkeley, California on August 6th, 1946. She was the daughter of Carl Olson and Monna Latta. She got her B.A. at Occidental College and had done graduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley. When she was murdered, she was studying psychology at the University of Córdoba in Argentina.

She was 30 years old, blond with green eyes. She was separated from her husband with whom she had a 5-year-old daughter, Carola. She was 5-months-pregnant from her boyfriend Julio Cesar Yañez.

Julio Cesar was disappeared on September 28, 1976. Chris was able to escape the kidnaping attempt and she hid in a friend's house. Unfortunately, the police found out where she was and they killed her on October 19th, 1976, when she was trying to escape by the roof of the house.

Chris Olson

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