Mayo 11, 2007

US: 3 anti-torture activists convicted for trespassing during protest

The Associated Press

A judge convicted three activists of trespassing Thursday, a month after they were arrested while protesting a company they said helped the CIA take terrorist suspects to other countries for interrogation.

The protesters were arrested April 9 at the Johnston County Airport when they passed through a gate at the headquarters of Aero Contractors, a private air carrier. None will serve jail time, and charges against five others were dismissed.

Francis Coyle of Orange County and Steve Woolford of Chatham County received 14-day suspended sentences, and Barbara Zelter of Wake County received a one-day suspended sentence. They were fined $50 and ordered to stay away from Aero Contractors' property.

All three plan to appeal.

"It will give us an opportunity to shed some light on the crimes being perpetrated by our government," said Zelter, a senior staffer with the North Carolina Council of Churches.

The activists accused Aero Contractors of supplying planes used by the CIA to covertly shuttle terrorism suspects to countries where they were possibly tortured. The company has said it does work for the government, but has declined to discuss any details.

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