Mayo 24, 2007

Bahrain: An appeal to locate a young man who disappeared after detention and torture

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) would like to inform you with the severe violations that took place in Bahrain against a 22 years-old young man. Bahraini Security Forces arrested the young man in front of his family house and attacked him physically, according to his family. The young man was then transferred to the military hospital because of the injuries resulted from beating.

We would like also to inform you that Ali Al-Khabaz, student of Vocational Training Institute, has disappeared since the security service denied his family right to visit him. The family thinks that the reason for that denial is to hide the severe consequences of torture suffered by the young man in front of his family house.

BYSHR calls upon you to urge the Bahraini government to reveal the location of the Bahraini young man, Ali Al-Khabaz and to order the local authorities to transfer him to hospital as soon as possible to be cured from his severe injuries. Furthermore, we call upon you to take immediate necessary measures to stop questioning him for the incidents that were taking place in the area of his family – grandfather's – house. Particularly that, Al-Khabaz did not participate in any events held in this area, which witnessed violent clashes between Security Forces and a group of young men.

We would like to remind you that the European Commission Delegation will visit Bahrain soon. We are looking forward that you can notify the respectful delegation with the severe human rights violations in Bahrain.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights appreciates your amazing efforts in support of human rights in Bahrain. Therefore, we hope that you will help to accelerate the procedures of locating that young man who was arrested since 20 May 2007 when the Security Forces attacked him under the eye of his people.


Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights

24 May 2007

Note: The e-mail of the Bahraini ambassador to the US is

Bahrain Youth Society For Human Rights
Mohammed AL-Maskati
P.O BOX : 18597 - bahrain
Mobile : (+973)39813867
Tel : (+973)17643721
Fax : (+973)17643721

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