Julio 29, 2007

Kashmir - APDP comes up with disappeared list from Varmul

Afsana Rashid

Srinagar, July 28: The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) today came out with a list of 337 persons who have been subjected to enforced disappearances in Varmul district alone. Following the directions of the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir to furnish details about the disappeared people, the APDP in its monthly meet today at the Pratap Park came out with the list of disappeared people from Varmul.

According to the list 337 people have reportedly gone missing over the last 17 years in the north Kashmir’s Varmul district.

Out of these 251 are civilians, 70 militants and 16 ‘renegades’ and personnel of armed forces, said the document made public by the APDP.

According to the Association, a one line letter dated July 7, 2007, No. Div Comm/Relief-Disap-P/ (1809)/07 sought the list of disappeared persons from APDP.

The letter, according to APDP, neither clarified the motive of the government in collecting the data nor asked for anything beyond names of those who have gone into disappearance. “Whether the government is interested in knowing the names of agencies and perpetrators who have committed horrendous crime of disappearance is not clear.”

APDP further added that the list of disappeared persons has been furnished to the Divisional Commissioner’s office thrice in the past but nothing had happened so far.

“The list was prepared by APDP and presented to the office of Divisional Commissioner. Nothing was communicated by the office of the Divisional Commissioner later in matter of the list provided to them by the APDP,” APDP spokesperson said.

“APDP is as such making public the names of the persons disappeared from Varmul between 1989 and 2006,” said Ghulam Nabi Mir, an executive member of the Association.

A list of 337 persons who have disappeared from Varmul in last 17 years was circulated among the media persons on the occasion.

It was reported that out of 337 persons subjected to enforced disappearance, 139 were married and their half widows were living hand to mouth. In majority of the cases even the FIRs have not been filed, not to speak of ex gratia relief or compensation.

“Documentation of all the cases is a gigantic task and with the meager resources it isn’t easy for APDP to document cases in every district. As of now we are ready with list of cases from one district. Hopefully in the coming months we will make public the list of disappearance from other districts,” APDP statement added.

It was made public that Javid Ahmad Dar, a nine-year-old boy, was the youngest victim of enforced disappearance from Ladoora, Rohama and the oldest was a 74-year-old, Habibullah Ganie from Dangarpora in Varmul district.

APDP by making public the list of disappeared persons from Varmul is demanding an impartial probe into all cases. “Let the government come up with the truth. Let the government make clear where are our loved ones are and whether they are dead or alive?” the statement said.

APDP believes that the inaction on part of the government is facilitating the perpetrators in unabatedly continuing with disappearance of people with impunity.

“Loud claims won’t change lies to truth. Lives of our disappeared family members will constantly haunt the liars and the perpetrators. We will not rest until we know the truth. We want to know the truth however unpalatable,” the APDP spokesperson added. [The Daily Etalaat]

[Note: Varmul also known as Baramulla is one of the Districts of North Kashmir that falls on the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir side.

Local human rights group, the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Societies (JKCCS) has reported that more than 10,000 had disappeared in the disputed state since the armed struggle against Indian rule]


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