Mayo 7, 2007

Belarus: 8 Years agoYury Zakharanka Disappeared

zaharenko.jpgThe former minister of Interior Affairs, Police general Yury ZAkharanka was abducted on May 7, 1999 in the evening not far from his house. The investigation of his disappearance by state investigation agencies was fruitless. Witnesses of the abdication, found by a public commission on search of the disappeared general, stated that Yury Zakharanka was seized and forcibly taken in a car by unknown people.

A few years before the abduction of Yury Zakharanka (Zakharenko) he was removed from the position of Interior Minister of Belarus. The firing of the officer respected by his colleagues was connected to his attitude towards president Lukashenka and his entourage. The most probable reason for Yury Zakharanka’s abduction was the work of the general aimed at creation of the Union of Officers, an organization not manageable by the authorities, which was to unite the higher officers of police and Armed Forces.

Investigators of the Prosecutor’s Office Petrushkevich and Sluchek, who were in charge of the case of Zakharanka had to seek asylum outside Belarus after discovering some facts, and later published sensational materials. These materials proved existence of death squads in Belarus. “Death squads” are a force structure placed beyond the law and created by the regime for neutralization of dissenters. Petrushkevich and Sluchek believe that it were death squads are in charge of Yury Zakharanka’s abduction.

A former Interior Minisetr Yury Sivakou, a commander of special forces Dzmitry Paulichenka, Interior Minister Uladzimir Navumau and Security Council Secretary Viktar Shejman are suspected of involvement in abduction of general Zakharanka. These officials are banned entry to the EU countries and the US.

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