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Letter to German Foreign Minister Requesting a "Truth Commission" on the German-Argentine Relations During the "Dirty War"

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Mr Joschka Fischer
Minister of Foreign Relations
Werderscher Markt 1
11013 Berlin

Dear Mr. Minister,

Between 1976 and 1983 about 30,000 people, including many Germans, were disappeared or killed under the military junta which ruled Argentina. In 1988, after over 20 years of fighting for truth and justice, German prosecutors accepted the first criminal complaints against members of the Argentinian military.

Currently, there are investigations into the fates of ten of the almost 100 German disappeared in Argentina. The large number of German victims in Argentina compel us to ask whether the German government made every effort to rescue the disappeared during that time. Did the government do everything that it should have and could have done?

We strongly support the request of the Coalition against Impunity to create a Commission of Experts to investigate the relationship between Germany and Argentina during the military dictatorship, and we request that be done as quickly as possible.

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