Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers

Nestor Beroch

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Nestor Beroch alias "Bocha" belonged to the C.N.U. that collaborated with the Investigation Brigade of La Plata, under the orders of the police chief Alberto Pacheco. As a member of the Triple A, he visited regularely the concentration camp Pozo de Banfield, where he colaborated as an informant, a kidnapper and a torturer.

He participated in the kidnapping of the High School students Horacio Ungaro, Daniel Alberto Rasero, María Claudia Falcone, Francisco López Montaner, Claudio Dehacha, y María Clara Ciocchini, which took place on September 16 1976, and is known as the "Night of the Pencils".

He was freed from any judicial procedure against him because of the amnesty laws passed in Argentina.

He currently lives in Calle Pellegrini No. 2875, City Bell. His phone number is 54-21-72-1503.

He works for the Department of Middle Education - Calle 49 No. 734, 1900 La Plata, Argentina -, which depends of the General Directorate of Schools. He was fired from other schools after protests by human rights organizations and his own students.

Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers