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alias "The Violin Man", Luis, Piazza

Luis Alberto Manzanelli
First Seargent - Army

Luis Manzanelli was from 1974 on a member of the "Libertadores de America" commando. From 1978 on he participated in the Special Operations Commando at the "La Perla" concentracion camp. During 1977 he was chief "interrogator" at La Perla, the largest concentration camp in the province of C;ordoba. He was considered among his colleagues as the "best torturer". He murdered, however, several prisoners in the torture table. He was later transferred to the "Street Group" and he participated in raids and kidnappings.

According to testimonies from former La Perla prisoners, he was extremely vane and belived himself to be better than others, including officers. He would speak quietly and slowly. He considered himself a "peronista" from the right. He couldn't turn his head towards one side, due to fall from a horse, and thus he got the nickname "the Violin man".

He was indicted by the Federal Chamber of Cordoba, in February 1987, on charges of murder, torture and kidnappings. He was arrested in April 1987 and was released two months later. He enjoys impunity due to the "Due Obedience" law. He has been named in both the Spanish and Italian trials.

He is presently the Director of the Circle of Army Non-comissioned Officers and is still linked to the Intelligence Services. He is approximately 60 years old, 1.70 m. tall, athletic, with dark skin and straight white hair. He is married to Graciela Niveyra and has two daughters and a son. --

Gallery of Argentine Torturers and Killers

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