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Víctor Hermes Brusa
Federal Judge

During the military dictatorship, Victor Brusa was a Court Secretary at the Santa Fé Federal Court. In this capacity, he frenqueted clandestine detention centers where he took declarations from the disappeared kept there, witnessed torture sessions and made them sign testimonies obtained under torture.

According to a survivor from the concentration camps, José Schulman:

As I refused to sign the accusation, Dr. Brusa threatened me that the guards would go back to question me. The prisoners of the other cells confirmed that this was the usual procedure: torture, forced declarations, questioning by Brusa which would become a new torture session if necessary."

In all, 18 survivors have testified about seeing Brusa during torture sessions at concentration camps.

Brusa has been indicted by Judge Garzon in Spain on charges of genocide and torture.

Currently, he is a federal judge in the province of Santa Fe. The College of Magistrates is considering asking for his dismissal due both to his activities during the dictatorship and a recent hit-and-run incident with is boat.

Victor Brusa

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Gallery of Argentine Torturers and Killers

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