Leticia Akselman

Leticia Mabel Akselman

Disappeared June 12 1976

She was 18 years old

de bebe con su familia
de escolar


"Leticia Mabel Akselman was kidnapped on the street on June 12, 1976, and after 10 years of looking for her constantly I found out she had been murdered 20 days after her disappearance, together with two children from the National High School in Buenos Aires. She was 18 years old, they were 17. Leticia finished high school in 1975. Here I show two report cards. I also show the cover of the report the police made after people called it on dawn of July 3, 1976 to report they had heard the thundering of machine guns and the next day they found three murdered people. The criminal action we initiated is included in case 450 against Suarez Mason. No justice was made.

Leticia was an excellent daughter, an excellent student, she was full of love, hopes and ideals, among them justice. She was the leader of the high school student union."

Her Mamá

devuelven sus restos
Picking up her remains in the judicial morgue, after they were identified by the Forensic Anthropology Team


Ceramic and Painting works done by Leticia when she was 15 to 17 years old

en la nieve

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