Mario Alfredo Stirnemann
Mario Alfredo Stirnemann

Disappeared on 1/1/75


There are no testimonies of being seen in a Secret Detention Camp.
No.CONADEP:8091, Decl.No:4336

Additional Information Provided by Mario's daughter:

In early July 1994, Maria Laura Stirnemann, 25 years old, arrived at EAAF's offices seeking information about her father, who was forcibly disappeared. Maria Laura has lived in France since her mother was forced to leave the country during the military government. Mario Alfredo Stirnemann, Maria Laura's father, was 26 years old when he was kidnapped on November 3, 1975 from a public street in the Temperley neighborhood of Buenos Aires Province as he walked to work. His relatives petitioned various agencies for his release, or for information on what had happened to him, without any success.

Years later his daughter, Maria Laura Stirnemann, began to investigate what had befallen her father. In the National Registry of Argentine Persons she found a death certificate recording his death on November 18, 1975, in an alleged shootout with security forces. After this, Maria Laura went to the municipal cemetery in Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Province, and upon consulting the burial records, she found her father's name: M. A. Stirnemann, listed as buried in Sector 37, Letter Q, grave #43. In this tomb, according to the records, another person by the name of N. Ledesma was also interred. No other information on this person was recorded.

The personnel of the cemetery speculated that this name might belong to a newborn child. According to these records, the body of Mario Alfredo Stirnemann was still in this grave. Because the body had been brought in by the Police of Buenos Aires Province, the administration of the cemetery informed Maria Laura that she would need a court order for its exhumation. As part of her investigation, Maria Laura also searched for information about her father's case in the penal records for Lomas de Zamora and the Federal Justice Office of La Plata, without success.

At the end of July, Dr. Silvia S. Gonzales, the judge who presided over case number 47.082, entitled "Stirneman Maria L. About Deposition" at the criminal and commercial court No. 11 at Lomas de Zamora, summoned members of EAAF to act as expert witnesses in the exhumation and analysis of the remains which had been discovered in that grave. On July 26th, 1994, two skeletons were exhumed from grave #43, letter "Q" from section 27. It was later possible to establish that one of the skeletons was that of a fetus, named in the records as "N. Ledesma." The other skeleton was that of Mario Alfredo Stirnemann. His identity was determined through a comparison of the skeletal remains with information about his physical features, such as a dental chart, supplied by his family. Stirnemann had suffered lessions caused by five firearm projectiles, of which only one, near the pelvis, was recovered. His skull had been shattered by the impact of a bullet; this wound had probably caused his death.

One week later, Maria Laura and her family transported the remains of Mario Alfredo to Olavarria, his native town in the province of Buenos Aires.

¿Did you know Mario ?

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