Mayo 13, 2007

RD - Senior officers to be questioned into university professor’s disappearance

rojastabar.jpgSANTO DOMINGO. - The National District’s Office of the Prosecutor will question rear admiral Luis Rafael Lee Ballester next week, in connection with the the May 26, 1994 disappearance of university professor Narciso Gonzalez (Narcisazo).

The official will be interrogated this afternoon and will include those who were in the SUV in which Gonzalez was supposedly kidnapped.

A commission designated during president Leonel Fernandez’s first term in office (1996-2000) interrogated Lee Ballester into Narcisazo’s disappearance amid the 1994 post-electoral crisis, after he wrote an article against the president Joaquin Balaguer.

Gonzales had also delivered a speech in the State University (UASD) where he called for civil disobedience against the Government for the widespread fraud detected in the elections held 10 days before.

The retired general Constantino Matos Villanueva; the generals Juan Bautista Rojas Tabar, Rafael Guerrero Peralta, the civilians Claudio de los Santos and Manuel Venegas will also be questioned in connection with the case.

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