Mayo 17, 2007

Sri Lanka - Presidential Commission on abductions, disappearances to submit final report soon

COLOMBO: The one man Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to inquire into the incidents of abductions, disappearances and attacks on civilians resulting in deaths throughout the island is due to submit its final report to the President soon.

A press release issued by the Commission said that it was now in the process of preparing its final report to be submitted to the President soon.

The Commission has also brought to the notice of the public that positive measures were taken by the law enforcement authorities to prevent abductions, disappearances, unexplained killings in the future, on the directions of the President, based on the recommendation of the Commission.

The one man Commission Chaired by Mahanama Tilakaratne states that it had submitted two interim reports so far, one on December 12, 2006 and the second one on March 23, 2007 after receiving complaints from the public till November 7, 2006 after giving notice to the public on September 24, 2006 to send in their complaints to the Commission.

The Commission states that, in response to the public notice, no Non-Governmental Organisation except for two organisations interested in Human Rights forwarded any information to the Commission.

“Further no political party or group forwarded any information, nor did they appear before the Commission and furnish any information nor did they represent any of the alleged aggrieved parties”, the release added.

The Commission also visited Batticaloa from January 18 to 21 this year and conducted its sittings.

The Commission had received 282 complaints; 132 on abduction cases, 41 on disappearance cases, 109 on cases of killings. This number also includes the number of cases inquired by the Commission during its sitting in Batticaloa.

The Commission as per the mandate completed inquiries in to 58 complaints on abduction, 26 complaints on disappearance cases, 10 complaints on cases of killings.

The Commission was appointed to inquire into and report on the following a) Examine the circumstances relating to incidents of abductions, disappearances and unexplained killings throughout Sri Lanka in the recent past;

b) Identify any Armed group or groups, any other forces or persons who are directly or indirectly responsible or involved in these incidents

c) Identify the causes and motives for such incidents

d) Assess the adequacy of the security arrangements made by the Security Forces and the Police to prevent such incidents

e) Whether the actions of the Security Forces/Police in the immediate aftermath of such incidents and in the detection and apprehension of offenders, have been adequate,

f) Recommendations for measures to be adopted to prevent such incidents in the future based on the findings of inquiry.

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