Mayo 24, 2007

Mass grave near Mostar contains Bosniak soldiers

Mass grave near Mostar contains Bosniak soldiers
24 May 2007 | 10:46 | Source: FoNet

Mostar -- DNA analysis confirms the 13 bodies found in mass grave near Mostar
are members of the Bosnian Army.

Bosnia's Missing Persons Commission has said in a statement that items
recovered among the mortal remains of sixteen bodies exhumed last week
confirmed that the grave site contained bodies of Bosnian Army soldiers
killed in the 1990s war.

The DNA analysis has thus far determined the identity of 13 bodies. Results
for the remaining three are expected to come in next week, as the grave is
believed to also contain bodies of murdered civilians.

Croatian Defense Council (HVO) members captured 13 Bosnian Army soldiers on
May 9, 1993 in Mostar and killed them afterwards.

Judging from the found objects, including watches and rings, and also according
to the age of recovered mortal remains, the Commission confirmed that 13 bodies
could highly likely be identified as Bosnian Army members.


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