Mayo 24, 2007

New mass grave discovered in eastern Bosnia

HINA Croatian News Agency
24 May 2007

New Mass Grave Discovered

The victims are presumed to be the people from Kasindolska Street in Sarajevo,
who have been missing for as many as 15 years.

SARAJEVO, May 24 (Hina) -- A mass grave was discovered on the Romanija
mountain. So far, about 20 skulls have been found. The grave was discovered
by members of Missing Persons Commission of the Federation of Bosnia and
Herzegovina. The bodies were tossed one over the other and the perpetrators
tried to conceal the grave in a thick pine forest not far from the road
between Mokro and Sokolac.

Missing persons from Kasindolska Street

"By now, 20 skulls have been discovered on the skeletal remains and it
is obvious that the remains of some bodies are being pulled under those
already uncovered. I believe that the number of the discovered bodily remains
will coincide with [that of] the missing persons from Kasindolska Street,"
said Amor Masovic, the Missing Persons Commission president, to the daily
newspaper Dnevni avaz.

The victims in question are those from Kasindolska Street. This was concluded
based on the date on the watch of one of the victims. Their families have been
looking for them for 15 years already.

"A Seiko watch stopped on the 27th day in the month and the day in question
is Wednesday. By checking the dates in 1992, we arrived to the conclusion that
the only Wednesday that was the 27th day in the month was in May. The people
from Kasindolska Street in the Sarajevo district Ilidza were captured on May 14,
1992, and spent a certain period of time in the Kula prison, so it seems likely
that these victims could be from Kasindolska Street," Masovic clarifies.

The skeletal remains are very well preserved, as are the clothes, so the
representatives of the missing persons association will try to give a
preliminary confirmation of this information as soon as today.

An example of genocide

"Kasindolska is an example of the genocide that occurred in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
All the men, Bosniaks and Croats, who were caught in this street, were captured
and killed. It is a fact that the goal here was a complete elimination of an
ethnic group in a very small area. This case involved entire families as well -
fathers and sons, brothers, uncles," Masovic points out.

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