Junio 12, 2007

Paraguayans Urged to Testify on Operation Condor

Asuncion, June 11 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Families of the Disappeared and Killed during Alfredo Stroessner's 35-year dictatorship in Paraguay (FADDAPY) urged citizens on Monday to testify about abuses and violations linked to Operation Condor.

On behalf of the association, Federico Tatter called on the people to keep the memory alive and go report violations before the Truth and Justice Committee in Asuncion.

Tatter, the son of one of the victims of the Stroessner's dictatorship himself, explained that PADDAPY has been struggling for fifteen years to know the fate of the more than 500 Paraguayans disappeared in the years of military rule.

He announced that they are planning to present before Parliament a draft bill oriented to protect against forced disappearances, which are not covered by the country's legislation.

Another draft bill currently under discussion promotes the creation of a Park of Memory to pay tribute to political fighters and those who could not survive the long night of Operation Condor, he added.

All these actions are expected to become a retaining wall against any attempt of return to authoritarianism and militarism in Paraguay.

Reactivated in 2006, FADDAPY is member of the Latin American Federation of Associations of Families of the Dissapeared, based in Caracas, Venezuela.

Operation Condor plunged South American homes into mourning nearly three decades ago, when regional military governments, aided by the CIA, pursued a State terrorism policy.

This conspiracy of military regimes left 50,000 people killed and 30,000 disappeared in South America.

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