Junio 22, 2007

At least 97,207 dead or missing in Bosnian war -study

Makfax News Agency
21 June 2007

97.207 casualties of war in Bosnia

SARAJEVO, Bosnia, June 21 (Makfax) -- A total of 97.207 persons were killed or disappeared in the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Sarajevo-based Research and Documentation Center (IDC) announced Thursday. The Center pointed out that these are the final figures of its study.

Out of the total number of perished people, as many as 57.523 were directly involved in the war and 39.684 were civilians.

In respect to the nationality, most of the casualties were Bosniaks - 64,036, followed by Serbs - 24,905, and Croats - 7,788, while 478 were
of other nationalities.

The data show that nearly half of the total number of casualties
perished during the first year of the war.
RTV B92 News

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