Junio 30, 2007

Kosovo - Fate of missing still unaccounted for

RTV B92 New

BELGRADE -- The fate of one third of the missing in Kosovo has
to date been clarified, Francois Stamm has said.

"The job ahead of us is going to be much harder since concrete and accurate pieces of information regarding the fate of the missing are scarce. All sides should increase efforts in pursuing information,"

Stamm, head of the working group for the missing persons in Kosovo, said.

A meeting of a working group composed of the representatives of the missing persons commissions from Belgrade and Pristina noted that the situation called for speeding up the pace of the working group's efforts.

The meeting was held in Belgrade Friday.

"Members of both commissions call on permanent observers from
the international community and representatives of the families of
the missing to assume a more active and constructive role in the
working group," the statement released after the meeting said.

Stamm appealed to institutions in Pristina and Belgrade to confirm
their resolve displayed at the beginning of the process, and engage
in cooperation on this extremely important humanitarian issue.

According to the latest data, as many as 2,047 persons are still considered missing in Kosovo, including 500 Serbs, 1,300 Albanians
and 200 members of other ethnic communities.

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