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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Torture in the victim's home

There were occasions when interrogation of the victims began in their own home, before the transfer to a secret detention centre, and was carried out in front of their relatives, who were also subjected to this merciless treatment.

Carlos Alberto Campero (file No. 1806) relates the following unforgettable episode:

My mother was taken to the shop and, threatening her life, they beat her in a way that should not even be used on wild animals. In the shop we had a ventilator fan. They cut the cable, plugged it in and used it to give her electric shocks. So that it would have more effect, they poured mineral water over my mother, whom they had tied to a chair. While they were committing this savagery, another one of them was hitting her with a belt until her body was bleeding and her face disfigured. After some considerable time they decided to take us all with them, except for the six-month-old Viviana, who was left behind with Griselda, my thirteen-year-old sister.

Cesar Casalli Urrutia (file No. 3889) states:

On 10 June I was kidnapped from my house in Martín Coronado. About ten men broke in and, pressing a revolver to my head, began to wreck the house looking for arms. At one point, they threw me to the floor and began to torture me with the cable from an electrical appliance. My wife was also being badly treated and beaten in another room. After an hour and a half in my house, they took me out and made me lie on the floor of a car while they went to look for a friend of mine.




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