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Nunca Más (Never Again)

Report of Conadep (National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons) - 1984


Table of Contents


Prologue by Ernesto Sabato

Authors' Note

Part I. The Repression

A. General introduction

B. Abduction

Anonymous groups or gangs who forced their way into homes at night
The green light (or 'free zone')
Abductions in the presence of children
Hostages and 'mousetraps'
'War booty'
Torture in the victim's home
End of the kidnapping
'Walling up'

C. Torture

D. Secret Detention Centres (SDCs) 

General considerations
Location of the Secret Detention Centres
Living conditions in the Detention Centres
'Walling Up'
Each prisoner would be given a number
Health conditions
Collaboration of prisoners

E. Description of Individual Secret Detention Centres

General considerations
Contents of Secret Detention Centres (SDCs) 

F. Death as a political weapon: extermination 

Mass executions by firing squad

The 'pit'on the Loma del Torito
Executions by firing squad in Quilmes
Deaths in 'armed confrontations'
Disappearance and death of Ricardo Adrián Pérez and María G. Esther Cubas de Pérez (file N°. 32)
Deaths in 'escape attempts' - file N°. 6131
Prisoners thrown into the sea
Other methods of disposing of bodies: incineration and immersion

The 'La Chacarita' Cemetery: some figures worth analysis file No. 6983
Disappearance and death of Jacobo Chester - File N° 1333
Disappearance and death of Floreal Avellaneda - File N° 1639
A Discovery in San Pedro, Buenos Aires province - File N° 1296
'Bodies are not handed over'
Deposition on secret burials in La Plata
Deposition on the existence of unmarked graves in Moreno
Exhumation of unnamed corpses at the Rafael Calzada Cemetery
Deposition on secret burials in the San Martín Cemetery
Exhumation of corpses at the Grand Bourg Cemetery
Irregular burials in the Avellaneda Cemetery - File N° 7316
Common graves in the San Vicente Cemetery - File N° 1420
Why did the bodies disappear?

G. The implications of 'impunity' 

The kidnapping of Drs. Hipólito Solari Yrigoyen and Mario A. Amaya
The calvary of Dr. Rafael Perrota
The Journalist Jacobo Timmerman
Adriana Landaburu
The diplomat Elena Holmberg and the advertising agent Marcelo Dupont
The Uruguayan politicians Zelmar Michelini and Héctor Gutiérrez Ruiz
Professor Alfredo Bravo

H. Agents and structures of repression

I. The attitudes of some members of the Church

J. Questionnaires sent to former officials of the de facto government

K. The coordination of repression in Latin America

Testimony of Osiris Irineo Ayala - File N° 6364
Testimony of Matilde Artes Company, mother and grandmother of the disappeared Graciela Antonia Rutilo Artes and Carla Graciela Rutilo Artes - Files N° 6333 and 7243
Disappearance of Claudio Ernesto Logares, Mónica Sofía Grispón de Logares, and Paula Eva Logares - Files N° 1982, 1983, and 1984
Disappearance of Aída Celia Sanz Fernández and Esla Fernández de Sanz - Files N° 7162 and 7227
Deposition made by Enrique Rodríguez Larreta Piera - File N° 2539
Deposition of Alberto Illarzen and his wife - File N° 4086
Deposition of Washington Rodríguez - File N° 4085
Conclusions on the links in international repression

L. Documentation

LL. Registration of those arrested-disappeared

Documents recording the existence of secret detention centres
Certificates of procedure
Falsification of documents
Certificates of goods seized from the homes of victims
Alteration of documents

M. The profits of repression

Disappearance of Dr. Rafael A. Perrotta - File N° 1222
Disappearance of sr. Federico Manuel Vogelius - File N° 7350
Disappearance of Juan Carlos Rossi - File N° 1948
Disappearance of María Cristina Lennie - File N° 7382
Disappearance of Carlos Alberto Mazza - File N° 2883
Disappearance of María Esther Ravelo de Vega - File N° 3223
Disappearance of María Elena Núñez - File N° 1632
The Gómez - Cerutti - Palma case - Files N° 224, 543 and 749
Testimony of Nilda Noemí Actis Goretta - File N° 6321
Testimony of Silvio Octavio Viotti - File N° 5473
Testimony of Silvio Octavio Viotti, jr. - File N° 758
Testimony of María Dora Turra de Rojas - File N° 4833

Part II. The Victims

Introductory note
The disappeared by age group
The disappeared according to sex
Disappeared 1973-1983

A. Children and pregnant women who disappeared 

Births in captivity
The Campo de Mayo Hospital
The relatives: the grandmothers
The effects on children

B. Adolescents

The youngest
A letter to the Commission (file No. 3338)
Pregnant adolescents
Secondary school students
The memories of the freed prisoners
A father's memory

C. The family as victim 

The family as hostage
Families who disappeared
Joint detentions
People over fifty-five still among the disappeared
Those who were able to talk about their experience
Some final reflections

D. The sick and disabled 

E. Members of the clergy and religious orders

The Christian faith of the Armed Forces contrasted with the un-Christian nature of the repression
List of victims
The case of the Pallotine Fathers
The case of the Bishop of La Rioja, Monsignor Enrique Angelelli, and of the priests of Chamical, Father Gabriel Longueville and Father Carlos de Dios Murias
The case of the Bishop of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Monsignor Dr Carlos H. Ponce de León
The French nuns: Sister Alice Domon and Sister Léonie Duquet 
Lay people

F. Conscripts

Methods of imprisonment
A common feature in all the official explanations is desertion

G. Journalists

Disappearance of Héctor Ernesto Demarchi - File N° 802
Disappearance of Enrique Raab - File N° 276
Disappearance of Haroldo Pedro Conti - File N° 77
Disappearance of Rodolfo Jorge Walsh - File N° 2587

H. Trade unionists

Agrarian labour representatives
The Nobel Peace Prize-winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
Dagmar Hagelin


Part III. The judiciary during the Repression

Disappearance of Laura Noemí Creatore - File N° 107 - and of Carlos Hugo Capitman - File N° 3795
Testimony of Ramón Miralles - File N° 3757
Testimony of Juan Ramón Nazar - File N° 1557
Irregular burial of corpses by the Judicial Mortuary in Buenos Aires - File N° 7188

A. Habeas Corpus

Disappearance of Dr. Santiago Augusto Díaz - File N° 1252
Disappearance of Jorge Daniel Collado - File N° 230

B. Detainees at the disposition of the National Executive

Disappearance of Guillermo Oscar Segalli - File N° 2456
Disappearance of Carlos Ignacio Boncio - File N° 666
Deposition relating to the disappearance of Dr. Darlo Francisco Molina - File N° 6171
Testimony of Alcides Antonio Chiesa - File N° 634
Testimony of Rubén Victor Saposnik - File N° 1906
Testimony of Gustavo Caraballo - File N° 4206

C. Disappearance of lawyers

Testimony od dr. Liliana María Andrés on the abduction and disappearance of her husband dr. Daniel Antokoletz - File N° 1386
Disappearance of dr. Guillermo Augusto Miguel - File N° 5392
Disappearance of dr. Abdala Auad - File N° 1089
Disappearance and death of dr. Norberto Oscar Centeno - File N° 7289
Disappearance and death of dr. Guillermo Raúl Díaz Lestrem - File N° 2161

D. Searches of human rights organizations

Arrest and Prosecution of members of the Centre for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) - File N° 7418

E. International solidarity

Part IV. Creation and Organization of the National Commission on the Disappeared 

Other aspects of the work undertaken by the National Commission on the Disappeared
Work carried out by the computer department

Part V. The Doctrine behind the Repression

Part VI. Recomendations and Conclusions




Translation copyright ©1986 by Writers and Scholars International Ltd, publishers of Index on Censorship

Originally published in Spanish under the title Nunca Más, copyright © 1984 by Editorial Universitaria de Buenos Aires

First published in Great Britain by Faber and Faber Ltd in association with Index on Censorship, 1986

First American edition, 1986 Printed in the United States of America





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