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Part III
The judiciary during the Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Testimony of Juan Ramón Nazar - File N° 1557

I was kidnapped on 21 July 1977 at 0.45 hours after parking my car.

At the beginning of October I was transierred with Dr Miralles, the architect Liberman and Pedro Goin. This time it was to Police Station No. 60 in Monte Grande.

I was in poor health and had lost a great deal of weight. In the meantime, my wife and children were threatened in order to stop them taking action on my behalf. This did not intimidate them, however, and my wife continued going to see government officials, but no one knew anything. Minister Harguindeguy replied with a note saying that I was not being detained in any official department.

I am convinced that the following people knew of my plight and that of my companions: Minister Harguindeguy; the then Chief of Buenos Aires Provincial Police, Colonel Ramón Camps; the Chief of the 1st Army Corps, General Suárez Mason; and Governor Ibérico St Jean. I believe they were responsible for the kidnappings. In the summer of 1977, the new Chief of Police who replaced Camps, General Ricchieri, visited Police Station No. 60 in Monte Grande. He was there with us in person and asked each of us our name.

On 25 August 1978, at one in the morning, they put us blindfold into a vehicle and took us somewhere four or five blocks from the station at Burzaco. There they released us.

The writ of habeas corpus presented by SeñorNazar's family was rejected as a result of the replies given by the Director of Police and Information Affairs in the Ministry of the Interior in two telegrams dated 25 and 29 August 1977. They said that Juan Ramón Nazar was not detained, nor was any warrant from the National Executive restricting his liberty out against him.




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