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Part II
The Victims

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


The memories of the freed prisoners

Pablo A.D. was in Arana and in the detention centres of the Pozos de Quilmes and de Bánfleld. His testimony gives us an idea of the harshness of the repression that was shown towards adolescents. The lesson that secondary school pupils received for wanting to defend their rights was one that Pablo A.D. (file No. 4018), and others suffered in their own flesh.

I was tortured both in Arana and in Bánfield. In Arana they applied the electric prod to my mouth, my gums and my genitals. They even tore a nail off one of my toes with tweezers. In Bánfield they did not use electric prods on me any more, but I was beaten with sticks and pricked with needles. It was common not to eat for several days. And for long periods they tied me up with a rope round my neck.

F.E.V.C. (file No. 4831) was fourteen years old when she was taken from her home. It was on the same day that she had been operated on for a sinus problem at Córdoba Hospital. She was taken, with her sister, to the secret detention centre called La Ribera.

It was night and one of the guards came near me, threatening me with a gun, beginning to undress me and fondle me. At that moment both my hands and feet were tied. Because of the operation I had had on my nose I could not breathe through it, but only through my mouth. The guard then put his penis in my mouth. I began to shout and everyone woke up, which forced the guard to get off me and to put my clothes back on. Then another guard arrived, asking what was going on, and was told that I was dangerous because I had planted bombs and distributed pamphlets.





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