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Part III
The judiciary during the Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Disappearance of Carlos Ignacio Boncio - File N° 666

On 25 March 1976 at 9.45 a.m. uniformed personnel of the security forces raided the premises of the Mestrina shipyard located at the intersection of Calles Chubut and Río Luján in Tigre, Buenos Aires province, where my son worked, and arrested him in front of all his workmates. As soon as he was arrested we began formalities to determine his whereabouts, and shortly afterwards we managed to locate him in Police Station No. 1 in Tigre. I got some clothes and food to him and received a few messages in his handwriting; I still have them. Then he was transferred and we lost trace of him. To date we still don't know where he is. I would like to point out that the Ministry of the Interior informed us that 'Carlos Ignacio Boncio was arrested and his release at the disposition of the National Executive was ordered by Decree No. 1615/76 of 5/8/76.' His supposed 'release' never took place since, as I said before, we never heard of him again. This was despite the information requested by the judge presiding in the case. The habeas corpus presented to Dr Guillermo F. Rivarola at Federal Court No. 3 (No. 39-930) was eventually rejected and the order given to send photocopies to the Army High Command so that they could investigate my son's supposed illegal deprivation of liberty.

On 5 April 1977 Boncio's mother wrote the following letter to the court dealing with the writ of habeas corpus:

Judge Rivarola. I am an Argentine citizen. My name is Ana Inés Mancebo de Boricio. I wish to inform you that my son Carlos Ignacio Boncio, LE. 8,242,272, has not been released. Despite the response to my writ of habeas corpus, I know for a fact from people released from Campo de Mayo that my son is still there. I beseech you, therefore, to use your good offices to determine why he has not been set free given that his release has been authorized. Thanking you in advance for your assistance, I am, yours sincerely, Ana I. M, de Boncio.

In answer to a request for information submitted by this Commission to the Ministry of the Interior, on 21 March 1984, we received the following statement:

This Department is unable to give concrete information on the police station, and even less on the officer, who effected the release of Carlos Ignacio Boncio ordered by Decree No. 1615/76 since no records exist for the reasons previously given. It is assumed, however, that he was released by the Army since records do have him registered as being located in 2nd Headquarters MM. These are the only records in existence since Decree No.27226/83 ordered the destruction of all evidence relating to the detention of persons held at the disposition of the National Executive.

The deposition relating these facts was presented to Federal Court No. 2, Buenos Aires city, on 24 August 1984.





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