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Part VI
Recommendations and Conclusions

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984



The facts presented to this Commission in the depositions and testimonies sneak for themselves. They lead us to recommend to the various State authorities certain measures which will help to ensure that this curtailment of human rights is never repeated in Argentina. The aim of these recommendations is also to press for a judicial investigation into the facts denounced to us. We therefore recommend:

a) That the body which replaces this Commission speeds up the procedures involved in bringing before the courts the documents collected during our investigation.

b) That the courts process with the utmost urgency the investigation and verification of the depositions received by this Commission.

c) That the appropriate laws be passed to provide the children and/or relatives of the disappeared with economic assistance, study grants, social security and employment and, at the same time, to authorize measures considered necessary to alleviate the many and varied family and social problems caused by the disappearances.

d) That laws be passed which:

1. Declare forced abduction a crime against humanity.

2. Support the recognition of and adhesion to national and international human rights organizations.

3. Make the teaching of the defence and diffusion of human rights obligatory in state educational establishments, whether they be civilian, military or police.

4. Strengthen and provide ample support for the measures which the courts need to investigate human rights violations.

5. Repeal any repressive legislation still in force.





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