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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Alteration of documents

Cases of the alteration or concealment of existing documentation to obliterate traces of criminal action have been brought to light by our investigation.

The case of Silvia Isabella Valenzi (file No. 3741) is an example of this. She was kidnapped and held in Pozo de Quilmes and was taken to the Quilmes Hospital to have her baby. Both her admission and the birth of her daughter, Rosa Isabella Valenzi, were recorded in the register of births.

The Commission obtained a copy of the register of births and found page 156 crudely altered, 'Identity unknown' had replaced the patient's name: Silvia Isabella, and by the number 82019 which recorded the birth of Rosa Isabella Valenzi had been added the word 'deceased'. The nurse and midwife at the hospital were kidnapped for the 'crime' of letting Silvia Isabella Valenzi's family know what was going on.

Other cases investigated by this Commission show the destruction and concealment of information by the state terrorist apparatus. A case in point is that of conscript Ramón Antonio Llonivelli (file No. 2429) who was kidnapped by the security forces. All the replies to official inquiries sent out by the Commission deny that the victim had been conscripted into the Armed Forces, specifically into the Navy, as the family claimed. Nevertheless, it has been possible to obtain a photocopy of Ramón Antonio Llonivelli's identity card where he appears as being taken into the Navy on 5 April 1977 and dismissed on 22 July 1981. He was kidnapped on 8 July 1977 at 2 a.m.




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