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Authors' Note

Report of Conadep (National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons) - 1984


The cases outlined in this report are drawn from the documents and evidence we received. They have been selected solely in order to substantiate and illustrate our main arguments. These in turn were formed on the basis of all the material in our possession - the evidence given by first-hand witnesses of the events described. We can discount neither the possibility of occasional errors, nor the existence of many other cases which might have illustrated our points more adequately.

As regards any persons named here according to the function they were carrying out, or who are included in the transcription of statements which implicate them in events that may have legal consequences, the National Commission in no way seeks to imply their responsibility for any of the cases mentioned. The Commission has no competence in this respect, since authority for this belongs to the judicial power, in accordance with the statutes of the constitution of Argentina.



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