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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Deposition of Alberto Illarzen and his wife - File N° 4086

This couple were kidnapped in Lands, Buenos Aires province, on 21 April 1978 and released on 18 May 1978. While in captivity, they were able to establish that they were being held in what was known as Pozo de Quilmes, where they were horribly treated. They described the impressions of the place where they were kept as follows:

When we arrived, there were thirty-two kidnapped people, all Uruguayans, brutally tortured, including a boy of sixteen. The names we remember are: Aída Sanz, Andrés de Fontoura, Gabriel Corch Lavigna, Guillermo Manuel Sobrino, Ari Cebero and his wife Beatriz, Carlos Cebero, Jorge Martinez and his wife María Beatriz Cebero and others. There were as many Argentinian officers as Uruguayans. The highest ranking Uruguayan officer asked to be addressed as 'Captain Saruchu'. Sobrino was able to recognize Saruchu because he had worked in the prison where Sobrino had been held captive in Montevideo. A Uruguayan female officer at Pozo de Quilmes known as 'Sergeant Piters' was one day addressed by a Uruguayan officer as 'Cristina', which might have been her real Christian name; she was responsible for interrogation under torture.




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