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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Testimony of María Dora Turra de Rojas - File N° 4833

On 24 November 1976 at approximately 20.30 hours, my house in Córdoba. in the passage off 454 Calle Alvatacal in the Alto Alberdi neighbourhood was violently broken into by a group of heavily armed men wearing military uniforms and travelling in military vehicles. At about midnight I was handcuffed, blindfolded with a towel and taken out of the house, put into an army ambulance and taken to the Campo de La Ribera. After three days in the camp my daughter Celia Liliana Rojas was brought from La Perla. She had been arrested in the same raid. I was held until July 1980, although no charges were ever brought against me, and I was then released, having also spent some time in the Devoto Prison in Buenos Aires. On that day my daughter Celia Liliana and I were released together. After the kidnapping at my property it was completely looted over a period of several days by army and police personnel. They stole all the documents relating to the house and to another property in Cruz del Eje ...

To date it has not been possible to regain possession of the Barrio Alberdi property or any of the stolen documents.




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