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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Certificates of procedure

Copies of certificates made out when the prisoner was arrested have been found in some cases.

A copy of a certificate made out at the time of the detention of Iris Pereyra de Avellaneda (file No. 6493) was found while she was still missing. A copy of the certificate of her son Floreal Avellaneda, age fourteen, whose mutilated and tortured body was later discovered on the Uruguayan coast of the River Plate, was also found.

Appendix 2 (Type of action) to PON no. 212/75 (people arrested for subversive action). Under the orders of Commander-in-Chief of the Army No. 404/75 (fight against subversion).

Personal data on the person arrested followed, and the certificate was signed at the foot of the page by the military chief of the operation and two officers. After three months as a missing person, she was placed at the disposition of the National Executive, for which a new certificate was made out saying:

Appendix 1 (antecedents of detainees at the disposition of the National Executive), to PON No. 00176 (administration of people arrested for subversive activities). Annex 6 (personal) to 00 No.25/75 (fight against subversion).

Details of the missing person were then given, together with the place where she was held, before being put at the disposition of the National Executive (in this case the Military Institutes Headquarters).

It can be deduced that certificates and documentation were commonly prepared for the operations for arresting people.




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