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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Adriana Landaburu

Adriana Landaburu was the only daughter of the ex-Minister for Air Transport of a previous de facto government, Brigadier Jorge Landaburu. From the first moment of her detention the highest social and military leaders within reach of a family who had natural access to those levels, were approached to obtain her freedom.

She was arrested in the street on 7 June 1976 between the neighbourhoods of Vicente López and San Isidro, Buenos Aires province. The family discovered that she was being held in the San Isidro Police Station and later in the Navy Mechanics School. Her father had an interview almost immediately with President General Jorge Rafael Videla who in Brigadier Landaburu's presence contacted the Commanders-in-Chief of the three branches of the Armed Forces, instructing them to inquire about the case and immediately communicate to Brigadier Landaburu the results of the inquiry.

Admiral E. Massera telephoned the Landaburu household the following day to inform the Brigadier that the Navy was not involved in what had happened; he was asked whether the young woman might not be held in the Navy Mechanics School, to which he replied definitively: 'There are no detainees in the School, and never have been.'

Finally, the family received information that the young woman, after being held at the Navy Mechanics School, had been thrown into the sea.




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