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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Professor Alfredo Bravo

Well-known in trade union circles, he was Secretary General of the Confederation of Workers in Education of the Argentine Republic (CTERA), one of the most representative unions of the country, and co-President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights.

He was illegally apprehended on 8 September 1977 at the school where he was teaching: from that moment on he was repeatedly hit and tortured in a variety of ways in order to make him reply to questions about each of the organizations he led. He was later officially recognized and imprisoned under State of Siege regulations, then permitted supervised freedom after 16 June 1978. He lost 25 kilos during this ordeal.

On 2 February 1984 Professor Bravo appeared before the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. He revealed in declarations made on that occasion:

I also remember the conversation I held with that man [Colonel Camps]. He told me there were very serious charges against me, that I was deeply implicated, that in the following hours I going to see my family and if I told them what had happened to me, I would commit suicide in my cell ... I replied that I had no intention of committing suicide. This infuriated my interrogator, who insulted and abused me and repeated the threat of suicide ... I used to arrive naked at the torture sessions, blindfolded and hooded.

A note presented by the Argentine government to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights dated 21 December 1978 declares among other things that 'the Argentinian Government denies that actions relating to Señor Alfredo Bravo constitute a violation of human rights; they are based on legal procedures currently in force.'.




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