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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Secret detention centres 
within the jurisdiction of the 2nd Army Corps


A branch of the 7th Infantry Squad based in Corrientes city, coordinating its programme of repression via the Detective Squad of Resistencia. According to information received, instances of abduction and torture taking place during 1975 have already been substantiated. 

Once this method was institutionalized, a circuit of sites to be used as illegal detention and torture places was organized.

I was detained in the town of Resistencia in an operation undertaken on 29 April 1976, together with my eight-month-old son. The staff concerned came from the Chaco Detective Squad. They immediately took me to the squad, which is located a few metres away from Government House. 

There they stripped and subjected me to tortures consisting of the electric prod' treatment and blows for a period of forty-eight hours, in front of my son. .. 

I was likewise raped and beaten on the soles of my feet with a hammer for a period of three hours. On the sixth day they removed me to the 'recovery cells', where I was visited, interrogated and threatened with death by Colonel Larrateguy, Chief of the Chaco Regiment. I was kept there together with others who were sent to the firing squad at Margarita Belén on 13 December ...

Then they took me to the Town Hall, They repeated these transfers back and forth several times, always with threats and tortures ...

On 23 April 1977 in San Miguel de Tucumán, my mother-in-law, N.D.V., aged sixty-two, and my twenty-month-old son were kidnapped by plain - clothes men. My son was handed over to the Provincial Police Headquarters forty-eight hours later. My mother-inlaw remains disappeared. I was tried by a Military Tribunal and the sentence they imposed - twenty-four years and eleven months jail - was annulled by the Supreme Court on 5 December 1983 five days prior to the democratic authorities assuming power. (G. de V. file No. 3102.).



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