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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Secret detention centres 
within the jurisdiction of the 2nd Army Corps

La Escuelita 

I was kidnapped from my home in the Ibarreta region of Formosa, by members of the Provincial Police. They didn't register me in the admissions book. After twenty-four hours I was taken to the 29th Infantry Regiment by men dressed in civilian clothes. There they stripped and blindfolded me, removing all my personal effects. They took us in a lorry to a place I recognized as La Escueltta or 'San Antonio', where they tortured me as they did the other prisoners. I was able to talk with Dr Fausto Carrillo, a Paraguayan lawyer exiled in Formosa and now disappeared, who was in bad shape as a result of being tortured. He had lost all his fingernails. They made me sign all sorts of papers during the torture sessions, without my knowing their contents, but which were used in evidence against me in the Military Tribunal. (Ismael Rojas, file No. 6363.)

As Formosa is a province bordering on Paraguay, cases of repression organized between the Intelligence Services of both countries were recorded, permitting an illegal exchange of prisoners. Such was the example of Dr Carrillo, cited by Rojas, whose Argentinian wife was kidnapped in Asunción where she was visiting her in-laws, just as the Paraguayan lawyer found himself imprisoned in Formosa's Escuelita. Dr Francisco Javier, Díaz de Vivar, file No. 1739:

One time they took me to a place thirty minutes' drive away from the 29th Regiment. There a guard whose native language was Guaraní said: 'Here's one who isn't a Paraguayan. Tell the Captain we don't want to take non-Paraguayans.' They took away fourteen prisoners and put me back into the secret centre.




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