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Alias: "Jerónimo", "Palito", "Rubén Pellegrino", "Guillermo Ribes", "Liebstein", "Solía"

Adolfo Miguel Donda Tigel

Adolfo Donda Tigel was a kidnapper and torturer at the Navy's Mechanics School (ESMA). In 1979 he became Chief of the infamous Operations Group 3.3.2, which carried out some of the most well known disappearances. In 1980 he became Second Chief of Intelligence of the ESMA, and in 1981 and 1982 he was alternate Intelligence Chief.

Donda was responsible for many kidnapings and tortures. Among his victims were Ana María Testa, Víctor Fatala, Carlos Lordkipanidse, Arturo Barros, Lázaro Gladstein, Amalia Larralde, Angel Strazzeri, Andrea Bello y María Bernst, all of whom he tortured with the electric picana. His own brother and sister-in-law were disappeared in 1977. The sister in law, who was pregnant, was taken to the ESMA where she gave birth; unlike the usual procedures, however, this child was given back to his family.

After democracy returned to Argentina, Donda was indicted for 17 crimes, including the kidnapping and murder of diplomat Elena Holmberg. He was freed by the Due Obedience law. In 1997, Judge Garzon indicted him on charges of terrorism, genocide and torture.

During the early years of the Alfonsin government he was a naval attache at the Argentina embassy in Brazil. After returning to the country he began working in private security firms, and joined the security team of Alfredo Yabran, a wealthy businessman with strong connections to organized crime who killed himself in 1998. Yabran was linked to the murder of photographer Cabezas.

Together with torturer , Víctor Dinamarca he directed Tecnipol SRL, a company owned by Yabran which sold equipment to police and security forces. Tecnipol elaborated an interrogations manual which was used at the police school in the province of Buenos Aires.

After Yabran's suicide, he and other repressors took charge of the company Servicios Quality Control S.A., which is in charge of security of airports in Argentina, including the Ezeiza Airport.

Gallery of Argentinian Torturers and Killers

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