Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers

Carlos Ernesto Castillo

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Carlos Ernesto Castillo

He was born on November 30, 1952. During the 1970's he was a member of the Nazi organization the CNU, where he met Nestor Beroch and later the Anibal Gordon band, which participated in the Ezeiza massacre.

In 1976 he was arrested for "excess in the antisubversive war" and he went on to work with the operating groups of the Federal Penitenciary Service. He worked as a torturers in the Clandestine Detencion Centers "La Cacha" and "Pozo de Banfield". He was also recognized by a survivor as one of the kidnappers in the operation "Night of the Pencils", when a number of high school students were disappeared.

In 1988 Federal Judge Alberto Piotti ordered his arrest for his participation in several attacks and common crimes committed by groups associated with the "carapintadas" (a group of rogue military who carried out several mutinies in the late 1980's). He participated with Aldo Rico in the carapintada uprising.

In 1991 he was arrested at an apartment a few meters away from the Presidential Residence, where they found weapons as well as an ID card identifying him as Army Major Enrique Solis.

He has been accussed in at least 15 criminal cases for crimes including larceny, illicit association, battery, abuse of weapons, etc. In 1995 he shot some young men who were listening to music in a car parked next to his home - he then fled in a car belonging to National Deputy Emilio Morello (Modin party).

In 1997 he testified before Judge Melazo that he worked as an advisor for the Modin party, in the Drug Abuse Secretariat of the National Chamber of Deputies.

His name has been associated in judicial proceedings with the bombing of the AMIA and the murder of journalist Jose Luis Cabezas.

Gallery of Argentinean Torturers and Killers

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