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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Campo de Mayo (PAC)


Inside the garrison, near the firing range, the airfield runways and the parachute field. The site is reached by a road which branches left at right angles from the road linking the garrison internally.


The road starts opposite the entrance to the firing range and ends in an area where there are many trees and a small, newly-built hut; on the left the beginning of a dirt track can be seen which emerges at the side of the Gendarmería buildings. There is an unmade road lined with trees in the centre of the area. This is the site of the three buildings used as a secret detention centre. These buildings, two large sheds of corrugated iron and one of brick, were demolished, but rubble from the buildings can still be found on the site. In the course of the Commission's investigation, a hollow in the ground about 40 centimetres deep was observed in the spot where, according to witnesses, Hut 1, made of brick, had stood. From the site the front of the Artillery School and Communications School can just be seen.

On entering from the made-up road, there is a sentry post in front of the main gate. Following the road, the first building is on the left, where prisoners were taken on reaching the camp; this had two torture rooms, one under the control of Task Force
2. Next to this was another room used as an infirmary; normally for attending to prisoners during torture. The office of the Camp Commanding Officer was in the same building, as well as another interrogation room for Task Force 1, a bathroom and a staff kitchen. On one side of this building was a small hut with a kitchen, and to the left of it another hut. Another building, set further back, was used as a dormitory for members of the Gendarmería; this consisted of a large room with its own bathroom.



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