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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


El Vesubio (PAC)


Avda. Ricchieri and Camino de Cintura, District of La Matanza, Buenos Aires province. On the north-east corner of the intersection, opposite the Güemes Group and a few metres from the Buenos Aires Mounted Police Squad. Premises belonging to the Prison Service of Buenos Aires province, in whose officers' mess the administration of the SDC was installed.


Access from an unmade road off the Ricchieri motorway through a gate with a guardhouse. Another access from the Camino de Cintura. There is a garden with ornamental plants and trees and swimming pool. The buildings were demolished in
1980 and had consisted of three fairly old colonial-style houses with red roof-tiles.

1. 'Infirmary': central hall with three or four small torture cells, separated by chipboard partitions, coated in polystyrene and 'decorated with swastikas'. In each cell there was an iron bed with no mattress, and a barrel of water. On the right of the hall was a larger room with several beds and a bathroom. White and red tiled floor.

2. Headquarters: house with three dormitories, a bathroom and a staff room. A properly installed kitchen and, beside it, a makeshift kitchen. Telephone.

3. 'Kennels' and 'Room B': building in which prisoners lay handcuffed to the skirting, separated from each other by wooden partitions approximately one metre high. The section reserved for women had a wooden floor and the men's section a tiled floor. Kitchen and bathroom. 'Room B' was an adjoining prefabricated room, where the longer-term prisoners were held.



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