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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Federal Security Headquarters (PAC)


Calle Moreno 1417 - Buenos Aires city.


Access for vehicles from Calle Moreno into an open courtyard. A large office here, linked internally with another. An old, slow lift with a cage of bars and wire mesh went up to the detention area on the third floor. This floor had two wings. In one were seven offices, a room and a bathroom. Two of the offices had red tiled floors. The other wing was entered through a folding metal door which led to a corridor, then through another door to a second, wider corridor. On the right a door of iron bars led into a large communal cell, the 'lion's cage', which had a bathroom with two wash-basins, two lavatories and a shower cubicle. In the same corridor, again on the right-hand side, a door led to a section in which there were five 'tubes' opposite four other 'tubes' and a bathroom, like the one described above but with two urinals. At the far end, the communicating corridor became wider on the left-hand side. At this point a barred door opened on to a space where two elongated windows at high level overlooked an air shaft. There were another five 'tubes' in this area and a bathroom like the others but with a large sink instead of two wash-basins.

The 'tubes' were cells 2 metres by 1 metre. The floor was grey and in the high ceiling there was a pane of glass 10 centimetres square. The walls were green, with bloodstains and scratches; there was a metal door with spyhole. A small lamp over the door was lit only when the prisoners were being counted. Otherwise the cell was dark.




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