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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Nueva Baviera Mill (PAC)


About 400 metres from National Highway No. 38. Access opposite the road to the town of Famaillá. From here a road runs east which, after going through an area where former em ployees of the sugar factory live, reaches the Nueva Baviera Mill.


The entrance gates were permanently manned by guards. There was a heliport behind the laboratory and a lot of vehicles for troop transport. The old company head offices, at the back of the premises, were used as officers' quarters and command headquarters. Soldiers and auxiliary staff lived in the general factory buildings. The detention centre was situated in the old laboratory and its annexes, 30 metres south of the main entrance. To reach it, one had to go through a wire-mesh gate and then a metal one 2 metres wide, which led into a covered parking area and to another door which linked - via a hall - all the other parts of the building. The place was surrounded by signs forbidding access to a 'restricted zone'. Only army officers and members of the Provincial Police Force were allowed to enter. In the centre of the area was a large stone work-bench, covered with tiles, which was originally used for chemical analyses. Entrance to this area was through a small hall which led into the covered parking area, On the left was a records office, with two tables, a typewriter and several chairs, Here there was a list of the operational unit. It adjoined a small torture room, with a bed-frame and chairs, where there was another bathroom with a wash-basin against the wall




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