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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Rosario Arms Factory (PAC)


Calle Ovidio Lagos 4800 (it would now be 5220), 2000 Rosario, Santa Fe province.


Entrance was through a gate opened from inside. A step to the door; a few steps in front, another three steps led to a flat surface (possibly a landing) and then five or six steps led to a large room, which had a door to the torture room. The torture room had a concrete floor, dirty yellow walls, white roof and a window on to the yard with plastic Venetian blinds. In that room there were four bed-frames or 'grills'. An electric control table which could play music; on it there was a spotlight. Another door led to a concrete bath with taps and hooks in the wall for suspending the prisoners. A metal door opened on to an indoor patio. Three of the patio walls were railings about 5 or 6 metres long with between twenty and thirty cells, each with a door built into the railings, kept padlocked. The cells were approximately 1.50 metres long, 0.80 metres wide and 1.80 metres high. The floor was of concrete and the walls of whitewashed brick. The floor of the central yard was of dirty uneven slabs, and in the centre there were four posts stuck in the ground, each with a ring one metre from the floor. The building housing the torture room was like a tower.




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