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Part I
The Repression

Nunca Más (Never Again) - Report of Conadep  - 1984


Secret detention centres in Mendoza province

The Police Stations

These played a very important part in our investigation of disappearances in Mendoza as, even though they were only transit points, it has been proved that many people were held in them and subjected to cruel torture.

I was kidnapped from my home on 15 October 1976. After blindfolding me and tying my hands they put me in a vehicle and took me to D2, where they tortured me with the 'telephone' and also hit me with a gun. During the day I spent there they gave me neither food nor drink. The next day they took me to the Godoy Cruz Police Station No. 7. Then they took off my blindfold. On the night of Monday the 18th they took me out of the cell with other prisoners and used an electric prod and submarino treatment on me, These sessions lasted an hour and a half, and we were blindfolded all the time. (Francisco Amaya, file No. 6833).

On 15 October 1976 1 was arrested by members of the provincial police at Mendoza bus station. Without blindfolding me or tying my hands they took me to the Godoy Cruz Police Station No, 7 and put me in a cell. There I was interrogated with the use of an electric prod for three days running. On 21 October they transferred me to another part of the station, where they showed me to Juan Humberto Rubén Bravo (now disappeared), who was being watched over by two guards. Five days later I was transferred to Mendoza Prison, where they made me an officially recognized prisoner. (Pablo Rafael Seydell, file No. 6918.)

I was arrested in the street by members of the Mendoza Provincial Police on 15 October 1976. They took me, blindfolded and with my hands tied, to the Guaymallén Police Station No. 25, otherwise known as the Motorized Group. There were a lot of prisoners there. During the day I spent there I was brutally tortured and beaten. All of us were beaten in the same way. That same day, blindfolded , and with my hands tied, they put me into the back of a patrol car crouched forward, and took me to the Godoy Cruz Police Station No. 7. I realized that that was where it was because of the light from the square in front, the noise of the traffic, and because I heard organ music from the church nearby. I managed to see several prisoners, all blindfolded. They had all been held in the Provincial Police D2 . (Luis Matias Moretti, file No. 6843.).




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